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Cookies Policy
1. What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are installed on your computer or device that you use to access websites or applications. These allow us to collect statistical information, facilitate some technical features and collect data about users' browsing habits. Note that these do not collect personal data.


2. Why do we use cookies?

Our site uses cookies so that you will be able to navigate our site faster and more efficiently.


3. We may use two types of cookies:

Permanent cookies: these are cookies that are stored in your browser or device and are always used when you make a new visit to our site.
Session cookies: these are temporary cookies that are stored in your browser while you browse our site.


4. The following types of cookies exist on our site:

Advertising cookies: we use these cookies to make advertising more relevant and targeted to users and more profitable for advertisers.
Analytics cookies: these are used to create and analyze statistical data about site usage.
Third-party cookies: we use cookies from third parties such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or others to authenticate to the site and to enable shares, likes and comments on social networks.


5. Aceitação dos cookies

Ao continuar a navegar no nosso site está a aceitar a utilização de cookies. Note que pode sempre alterar a sua configuração de cookies no seu navegador (browser). No entanto tenha em atenção que algumas funcionalidades ou serviços do site podem não estar disponíveis.


6. Alteração da configuração dos cookies e sua remoção

Pode fazer a gestão dos cookies diretamente no seu navegador ou dispositivo.